Lexani LX-Twenty All-Season Radial Tire

About Lexani Tires
With the ever increasing demands and characteristics of today’s vehicles, Lexani Tire recognizes the need for a premium performing product. And with an extensive portfolio of tire options to accommodate today’s most demanding and discerning drivers, you can rest assured that Lexani has the appropriate tire to confidently satisfy your needs for whatever vehicle you drive.

Providing superior performance and cutting edge design and aesthetics encompasses the Lexani tradition. In addition to performance and superb design Lexani also has a keen focus on a sustainable future and utilizes technology to incorporate fuel economy, a quiet comfortable ride, and tire longevity to enhance the future for everyone.

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Lexani LX-Twenty

LX-Twenty is Lexani’s newest Premium high performance tire, manufactured to perform on some of the most technologically advanced vehicles in the world. The LX-Twenty represents the new generation of Ultra High Performance by providing excellent handling, enduring tread life and great traction at high speeds, in both wet and dry conditions.

Since its inception in 1996, the Lexani fame continues to grow as the world class leader in automotive lifestyle with its successful portfolio of wheel design concepts and couture clothing line. Lexani’s trendsetting culture is highly visible in its exquisite and innovative product offerings from forged wheels to the unique extended flange technology. Expanding its portfolio and in keeping with its reputation, Lexani has launched a high performance tire lineup.

Delivers the best of both worlds with its asymmetrical/directional tread pattern that allow you to drive in both wet and dry weather conditions
Excellent stopping
Cornering performance with its low profile
Premium high-performance tire
High performance tire rated for higher speeds so you can drive faster while still maintaining stable handling